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Healthy mix of Grassfed Beef, Organs (Liver and Kidney) and Sweet Potatos, all fresh and natural from Puerto Rican Farmers. Half pound (8oz) bags for easy portion control, with the required thermal process to avoid any contamination, keeping the "raw" like flavor.

Sweet dreams

  • Composite Nutrient Analysis per   100 g

    Calories: 142.15cal , Fat calories: 58.85cal , Sat fat calories: 22.69cal

    Total fat:   6.54g , Saturated fat: 2.52g, Trans fatty acids: 0.34g

    Cholesterol: 90.45mg, Sodium:   65.1 7 mg , Potassium:   293.2 2 mg

    Total carbohydrate:   4.7 4 g , Dietary fiber:   0.62g , Sugars:   1.43g

    Protein:   15.17g , Vitamin A:   5,315.5 2   IU, Vitamin C:   4.0 0 mg , Iron:   2.23mg

    Calcium:   15.30mg , Vitamin D: 8.85 IU, Folate DFE:   34.20mcg

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