Taking care of the Furry member of the Family

They give us love - the least we can do is  provide healthy food for them!

A Puppy Playing with a Toy

Alimentalos desde pequeñitos con lo mejor. Verás la diferencia y como crecen sanos y felices. 

Expanding the options so that you can get Zato Pet Food, now you can find us at Colita Feliz Grooming, for the residents of Río Piedras and Trujillo Alto ..... and we continue to expand the sites so that you can get the best food for your loved furry ones! 

Dog Wash
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With all the care and now the best food
Zato Pet Food

Delivery to all Puerto Rico and USA

you can receive healthy Zato Pet Food products in the comfort of your home or office 

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Healthy food for our unconditional friends

We focus on high-quality source components, like locally grown Grassfed beef with no hormones or antibiotics.

 Zato .

Our Story

Our experience as local farmers gives us the opportunity to select the best products to prepare quality food for our faithful companions.

What we do
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