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Why are our products healthy ?

Our origin as Puerto Rican farmers gives us the opportunity to select the best local products to make high quality food for our beloved pets. We use Grassfed meats as a base, vegetables and fresh fruits that are produced on our Island.


Our packages allow you to view the contents before opening it, for your peace of mind.

We handle very high production standards, since our team follows the USDA and FDA regulations for the preparation. This allows us to produce healthier "Human Grade" pet food with the care that we all want to give to our spoiled ones.

How to give the Zato Food to our pets

  • Zato's meals are sold frozen in 8oz portions, we recommend moving them from the freezer to the fridge the day before they are consumed.

  • Once defrosted, open the package to give them the amount that corresponds to the pet's weight. If the entire content of a package is not consumed, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

  • If the defrosting process cannot be done from one day to the next, don't worry, you can put the package of the Zato food, unopened, in a bowl with water at room temperature, just make sure that the water covers completely the bag. You can change the water a couple of times every 10 minutes.

  • Once you can spill the contents of the bag, open and serve it.

  • Zato pet food does not need to be cooked, it comes ready to serve.

  • Always check with your Vet. what's the proper serving size for the size & weight of your pet. 

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Dog Eating Dog Food

Zato foods are perfect for mixing

Our pets have different tastes and some are very sweet, so we recommend that you try mixing the nutritious Zato foods with some vegetables and fruits to complete their diet and appetite. We recommend that you treat with spinach, apple, banana or pear, cut at the moment, fresh and in pieces mixed with Zato, they will help you to make your pet's health better every day and in a happy way (look at his tail) 😁

Just be careful to remove the seeds from fruits, as these can cause issues in your pets.

Red Apples
Our Team
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