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Our products

in Zato Pet Food we care about the health of pets, that's why we only use the highest quality ingredients, focusing on a balanced diet.

Grass-fed Beef and beef organs are the base of our product. Both sources of vitamins, Omega-3 and Taurine

The vegetables that we include in the meals are beet, sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots. Containing minerals and vitamins for dogs, while cucumber and cantaloupe melon are used in the right proportion for our feline carnivores, taking into account their unique digestive system.

Our meals are heat treated to ensure the elimination of pathogens that can cause harm to pets, thus achieving a ready-to-eat food but maintaining juiciness and natural nutrients. Our sous vide method allows us to offer pets high-quality "Human Grade" food, with Gourmet processes.

Individual half-pound servings per package.

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